The Unknown.

Why choose that as a (almost certainly temporary) name for what technically are called newsletters?

Well, because I'm headed out on a journey into the unknown and would love to have anyone reading these words go along.

For those of you who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Lee Larson. I've been in the media business for 40-some years, dating back to a part-time job in high school. First in newspaper, then in radio.

When I started, those were the two forms of media. And television. That was it.

A number of new forms have developed over the years. There's no need to start making a list here. Let's just say I'm moving on to a new form of communicating.


Where this will wind up is unknown. I have some idea, but if the last 13 months have taught us anything, it's that just when you think you know, you find out that you don't know.

Here's the plan.

These newsletters will primarily be about sports in Jackson and Martin counties. That's been my primary focus in my most recent professional endeavors. I've lived in Jackson since 1992.

There are a lot of great student-athletes around here. And when I say that, I don't mean great at athletics (although certainly many are) I mean great students and great people. We'll share a number of those stories in these communications.

We'll go beyond high school sports.

There's a rich racing tradition dating back to the 1950s and 60s in Jackson and Fairmont. We'll get into some of those stories as those seasons get ready to open next month.

Amateur baseball is going strong in the area.

Jackson County has less than 10,000 residents, but can boast of having three amateur baseball teams.

The Jackson Bulls have been in operation since 1985 and the Lakefield Frogs are coming up on a decade of existence.

To be honest, I'm not sure how long the Heron Lake Lakers have been around, but I have every confidence that if Chad Knutson reads this he'll be happy to let me know.

Martin County can boast of the reigning state Class C amateur baseball champions, the Fairmont Martins. The Martins' history dates back to the 1940s when they played at a ballpark located about where the post office currently is.

And after a brief absence, the Fox Lake Foxes are back and they'll make their home at Truman's great ballpark this summer.

There are other activities we may touch on, but we'll talk about those at a later time.

Our crack creative team (of which all but one is named Larson and she used to be) plans to go beyond sports into other areas.

Exactly what that means and where it will go, honestly, we're not sure.

If I trust my instincts, the plan will evolve.

Pandemic or not, there are a number of great community events in the area and we'll explore some of them. There are a lot of interesting people with interesting stories to be told.


Eventually this will evolve again into a paid subscription on some content. For now, everything is 100% free for you to read and share.

Let's do this. Who wants to follow me into The Unknown?


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